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Sunday, November 27, 2005

SEA GAMES OPENING and what's going on today

I've been watching the sea games since this morning. I watch singapore beat the hell out of Vietnam in water polo, i watched a bit of soccer/football. Then the opening seremony. The opening speach was great, the fireworks were quite average, and the performance was spectacular, and the perfomance of rivermaya(eventhough i don't really know them much) was indescribable. I can't wait to watch swimming this thursday along with the gators.

I have also been driving this whole morning before watching the sea games. My driving is improving everytime i drive. Tomorrow i'll be driving again, going to 168... hahaha... then maybe drop by to purchase some cards from jean paul. I was able to purchase today, a scam in my view, the siege gang commander in ram shop. It was 400 the last time i came there, so there was a 200 peso increase, is that fair??? no it isn't... So i have to increase my pace in getting cash before the cards get higher. While i was there i was also checking for ravnica cards, and my the sacred foundry is worth 700 bucks. That's too much already, but atleast i can just search for those in boosters. I just have to continue my business. O well.... Watch the sea games... WOOOOOO


Blogger Mark said...

There is only one thing i'd say to this blog. I DON'T GIVE A #*&$#!%!. lol just kidding go players. EXCEPT RYAN! NO NO JOKING ONLY
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